# /t/o/t/a/l/ COMMUNICATION /a/n/d/ POETRY
With no doubt future hUMAN communication will be completely different from today – talking seamlessly with all hUMANS, with hUMANOIDS and chatbots, via new devices and interfaces, mind-controlled and -transported, molecule-based, quantum-based, virtual.
We will build new avenues for linguistic/non-linguistic sign systems, meaning-making and meta-communication.

In fact we have no real idea how future communication is going to be alike – maybe for example we do not speak any longer and today’s alphabets will have been transformed or dismissed. But we will certainly communicate much more and in permanent manner.

For making all that communication bearable, we need more and new forms of hUMAN/hUMANOID poetry – if not it will all be mechanic, boring and less playful.

>>current realisation: poetry project in development
Collaborative project (update coming soon)