Five exploratory episodes about “FuTuRE cOMmpOsItE hUMAN//hUMANOID cO-eXistence”:
_Episode1 > What you sense and not what you think // “appearance & gender stereotypes”
_Episode2 > I feel as you do feel // “a hUMANOID’s lonely soul”
_Episode3 > Who is the real fake? // “object subject bewilderment”
_Episode4 > Green Attitude & Blue Economy reign everywhere // “the FuTuRE is bright & ethical”
_Episode5 > The new Übermensch // “hUMANOID supremacy”

>>current realisation: short animated video sequences with sound

Some ideas for future cOMmpOsItE  hUMAN//hUMANOID cO-eXistence:
-humanoids will be part of our society
-humanoids will look like us but also very differently
-humanoids will have qualities different than humans
-humans’ appearance will likewise evolve towards new forms
-humanoids will acquire artificial intelligence
-humanoids might claim emotions, feelings, soul and rights
-humanoids might be ethically more correct than humans
-humanoids might change the way of procreation
-humanoids might challenge sexuality and gender
-humanoids might outpace and dominate humans
-humans might not correctly treat humanoids
-humanoids might not correctly treat humans
-humanoids will challenge the question of liability
-humanoids will challenge the question of ethics
-humanoids might be more emphatically than humans
-humanoids might contribute to the existence of new gods
-humanoids might be more resistant than humans
-humanoids challenge the question of existence
-humanoids might want to get rid of humans

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