This is a project webpage of PETERMFRIESS

Working platform around the subject of future hUMAN and hUMANOID coexistence, including hUMAN intelligence, artificial intelligence, social robots, chatbots, digital companions, hyper-communication, socialability, sensors, implants and alike…
The upcoming development of hUMANOIDS – robots who will look and act as hUMANS, and the co-existence of both of them are at the centre of the project.
As a counterpoint to the current business-driven innovation hype, this artwork challenges today’s positivistic naïve technological and social development intentions.

This platform consists of several works and components that can be exhibited and performed in different combinations. The work uses video screening, online-access, projection, sculptural elements, and workshops, and is enriched through numerous discussions with artfriends in Brussels, Berlin and Beijing.

It is the visitor who composes the entire picture of ROBOSOUL in his or her perception.

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